Current Releases:

︎On Love EP by ZDBT & Dreamcastmoe
︎Only Time Will Tell LP by Anklegod
︎Caught Up In You EP by Gooch
︎Elastic EP by ZDBT, Prado & Slim Media Player

Featuring artists and remixers on these works include:
Isabella Lovestory, Yu Su, MoMA Ready, Local Artist, Patrick Holland and DJ Sports.

Upcoming Releases:

︎New Glow EP by Regularfantasy
︎Self-Titled Sophia Stel Debut EP
︎Morning Star LP by ZDBT

Featuring artists and creative collaborators:
Priori, Cecile Believe, Dreamcastmoe, Jay Worthy, Richard Anderson, Alexander Sowinski of Badbadnotgood, SuperCoolWicked, TRS, Prado Monroe, Neo Image & more.